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We offer the following types of training:

Personal Training

The personal training industry looks extremely varied these days. At Fit Life we believe that trainers should be fitness-educated professionals. Our job is to help you reach your goals by designing individualized workout programs (cardio, flexibility, strength, corrective exercise/rehabilitation, sport specific). We monitor those programs and provide accountability from the initial assessment to make sure they are safe and effective! We want to educate you in the science behind what you are doing, not just have you blindly following our programs! Any trainer can make you sore. It takes a great trainer to develop a program that builds a solid foundation starting where you are and moving forward from there. 

Small Group Training


Small group training offers many of the benefits of one on one training at a lower cost point. We cap these groups at 5 people, and try to keep them small enough to be able to still provide a high level of service to everyone. The cost lower than one on one training and is sharedthere are no refunds for missed sessions. 

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